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A Method of menu navigation through attractable point on tree structure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236062D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04
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This article will describe a new idea for navigation. The idea based on a visual tree and a attached Raindrop. The touch point attracting the Raindrop for the purpose to select specific item.

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A Method of menu navigation through attractable point on tree structure

More and more applications have been transplanted to mobile device, some of them have a deeper hierarchical navigation. So when we play these applications on our mobile device, we alway need to click navigation menus again and again to find what exactly existing in the application, e.g. e-commerce app, e-banking app. There are some existing solutions focus on this problem, 1. Sliding side menu, List all of these menus on our mobile screen with a sliding side menu by appropriate organization; 2. Multi-step navigation, each step of the navigation will contain a group menus of one level of the navigation. For the solution 1, it's hard to list all of hierarchies menus with one screen like products list menus in e-commerce app, and also hard to list complicated multiple hierarchical navigation. If you want to put more menus on one screen, the size of each menu will be too small for user to click. For the solution 2, you have to click several times to find the menu item you really want to click . It wasted your time when you selected one wrong menu and find there are no related items which you are looking for , then you have to go back to select another again. According to above situations, we need a more efficient method to enable users to select menu in multiple hierarchical navigation conveniently.

This invention using a visual tree to organize multiple level menu. There is an attractable point (will be called Raindrop as below) attached on the tree. The user finger touch on device will attract the Raindrop moving forward to the leaf node which nearest the touch point. Like as a raindrop on window glass, branches of visual tree as it's selectable moving trace. The raindrop under the attraction of touch point to select the path and then select where to end. There are several obvious advantages when using this invention.

Visualized present the multiple hierarchy navigation on mobile screen , the user can quickly view the contextual hierarchical relationship of the menu, easy to find the r...