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Additional file property to determine point of update Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236078D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04
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This article describes defining locations within a file at which point file appends may take place instead of file appends automatically adding data to the end of the file.

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Additional file property to determine point of update

When a user updates files programmatically, the user can choose to append data,

which adds data on to the end of the file. Alternatively one can navigate through the data and insert at a particular point - however, in many applications one does not have this level of control (if, for example, one does not have access to the code or

where an application is a "legacy" application). Under these circumstances, one has to have the file appended to at the end and then one can manually rearrange the file afterwards. This is particularly the case when running a suite of tests - the tester runs through the suite and the results are output to a file in CSV format - if a particular test had anomalies, the tester would re-run manually but want the new data next to the original to make the comparison easier - currently this is not possible without manually editing the file after the fact.

    This disclosure proposes the use of an additional property on the file itself that defines the update point and which point in the file an append will insert data. This enables users who can not modify the writing application to control the output location within the file itself.

    A user will be able to select a point in a file from which they want append functions to operate from; this will be stored as a property on the file itself. The Operating System will be responsible for identifying if a file being appended to has this property se...