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Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Latex Production by Melt Emulsification and Water Impermeable Films Formed There From Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236088D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04

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A melt extrusion process for producing PHA latexes is described as well as water permeability data for films coated onto paper made with the PHA latex

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Robert S. Whitehouse*, Allen Padwa*, Christopher Thellen and Jo Ann Ratto

* Metabolix, 650 Suffolk Street, Lowell MA 01854

† US Army, Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center,

Kansas Street, Natick, MA 01760


      The use of polymers in the form of latex or aqueous dispersions has very widespread use in industry. A latex is basically a suspension of solid polymer particles in an aqueous solution. This technology enables the application of a polymer to a substrate to form coatings, tie layers or films in everyday use without the need for high temperature extrusion which can sometimes lead to degradation of the polymer. A simple example would be a paint which is a polymer latex with fillers and colorants that is readily applied by the layperson to walls for other surfaces. Once a surface is painted, the coating dries into a protective film. Similarly, latexes can be used to coat paper and paperboard substrates in order to impart water or grease barrier properties.

      Latex production, formulations and applications development is a particularly active area for industrial research and development. For example, using the keyword "LATEX" to carry out a patent searches on databases such as Thomson Innovation software, Google Scholar or the United States Patent and Trademark Office website results in several hundred issued US patents in the last few years alone. Review of the subject matter reveals a wide range of applications for latex materials including: fuels cells permeable membranes, photovoltaic cell coatings in batteries, intumescent fire barrier coatings, paint, binders and puncture sealants for tires, inkjet inks, coatings

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for electrophoretic displays, electrophotographic toners, receiving sheet coatings for thermal heat transfer printing, coatings for printable papers, binders and adhesives for coated abrasives, pressure sensitive adhesives, adhesives for semiconductor wafer processing tapes, dust suppressant coatings, low dust wall repair compounds, self- priming spackle compounds, binder/additive for cements and asphalts, industrial coatings for steel and concrete, gas tight seals, sealants for repair of hydraulic leaks, porous sheeting materials, sustained release coatings for pharmaceutical and agricultural products, antimicrobial coatings for textiles, binder/substrates for immunoassays, golf ball cast coverings, calibration standards for particle sizing equipment, inflatable balls/cushions/bladders, protective finishes for flooring, wood, vinyl tile composites, synthetic laminates, binder for acoustical tiles, polyester fiber binder for disposable diaper products, drug or antimicrobial coatings for medical devices, coatings for food wrap papers, protective coatings for food products such as cheese, fruit and vegetables, gloves, pacifiers, baglets and b...