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Method to optimize TV records storage. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236091D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04
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In a world of connected devices and Internet of Thing, every single electronic devices can claim its embedded intelligence to be updated thanks to an online internet connection. If this principle can be true in major market, it can't apply as is in growth market countries where the internet wired cover has been overcome by mobile wireless network technologies. The present publication described an innovative way to remove undesired sub-video sequence from a video media file. This leading to storage saving, and real optimization.

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Method to optimize TV records storage.

Summary of Invention:

Disclosed is a method to remove some undesired video sequence from a video media file.

The present publication will help to post-process a video file removing all ads included.

This will lead to a better space optimization locally, and reshape a recorded program to a state close to the original one. This feature can also be used by disconnected devices.

Problem being solved:

TV Recording device on a hard disk is very useful and easy to use. Recording a favorite show of movie is very easy to do. But recording a target program means also recording all ads interruption included with the program.

Some smart device instead of recording the program itself will download the original program digitally signed on the TV Recording device. This is good for a connected device, but the market is full of disconnected device which can't claim this feature. For this category of device there is today no solution available in the market.

Fig1. Today usage: TV Recorder Device record a TV Program enriched with ads by default., this is the problem.

Supporting Information:

Personal video recorders or TV recorders record digital television straight onto computer-like hard drives or dedicated devices. According Ofcom research estimates, 150 Millions of Recorder devices has been sold to 2013. The market is still in expansion in Asia Pacific and demands will sill growth in order to comply with the latest video HD format available in the market.

Integrating the solution described in this disclosure could represent a serious added value for those who decide to integrate it by design.

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Core Idea:

The core idea is to remove ads referring to a pattern database. Usually ads are easy to identify, because volume is increasing, audio quality and video size are different comparing ads versus the targeted program to be recorded.

Each additional sequences identified will be simply removed, and the video media file will be li...