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A process for Document Level Feedback (DLF) triage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236100D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04
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Disclosed is a method to implement a Document Level Feedback (DLF) triage team to provide consistent guidance and assistance to document owners for responding to customer feedback.

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A process for Document Level Feedback (DLF) triage

Support analysts share knowledge by writing documents and then storing those documents in a knowledge database. In many cases, customers can access this database as a form of online help with software or other problems. Additionally, customers can rate the document (e.g., on a scale of 1-5 stars) to indicate whether the information was helpful. All feedback is sent to the document owners, who are

instructed to read and act upon the feedback. However, sometimes the document owners do not know the appropriate response or action. For example, a document may get a low rating with no comment, or the customer's comment may not be specific enough to indicate how to improve the document. Sometimes, the feedback is inappropriate and can be disregarded. Other times, document owners may inadvertently ignore valuable feedback and miss opportunities to improve the knowledge base and deflect additional Problem Management Records (PMRs).

A process is needed to assist document owners in determining the best course of action following the customer feedback.

The solution is a method to implement a Document Level Feedback (DLF) triage team to provide consistent guidance and assistance to document owners for acting upon customer feedback.

A DLF score is determined when customers answer the feedback question, "Did the information help you to achieve your goal?" If the user answers, "Yes", then the score = 100. If the user answers, "No", then the score = 0. If the user answers, "Don't know", then the survey is not counted. Every "Yes" counts as one PMR deflected. The DLF Triage Lead receives a weekly DLF report in a spreadsheet.

A DLF Monthly Summary report is created by the DLF Triage Lead, using data from the weekly DLF report. The summary report includes:

• Every DLF score • Number of PMRs deflected by use of the DCF document • DCF document ID • Document owner • Product segment • Comments received on each DLF • Date the DLF was submitted • Latest DLF updated date • DLF identification (ID)

• Action taken by the document owner and the DLF Triage Team

The DLF Triage Lead analyzes each DLF and identifies those that need to be

watched for further action and those that need to be discussed with the DLF Triage


For each DLF that has customer comments, the DLF Triage Lead reviews the DLF, regardless of whether it is a positive DLF. The DLF is reviewed to determine whether the document owner added comments to the DLF and marked it as completed (i.e. Completed).


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If the DLF marked Completed, then the method is to confirm that the actions the document owner took were appropriate (e.g., corrected an error, added more detail, fixed broken link, etc.) and no further action is needed from the DLF Triage Team or the document owner.

If the DLF is marked Completed and the document owner did not add comments to the DLF, then the method is to send an email to the document owner t...