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Smarter Tipping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236137D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-08
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A pervasive mobile wireless (MP based, Bluetooth based, 'tap to share', etc.) or wired (communication mode not in scope of disclosure) communication (micro-transfer) of a 'tip' from a tipper to a tipee/tipee's manager (monetary, complement, decrement), including manual or automatic setting for customary tipping based on country (city) and tipee service (eg, waitress or belcap, etc.)- inc. fixing a currency or allowing for location based currency- Tipper set's rules, and semi-automatic setting for incrementing tips by multiple triggering/taps (eg, tape to share, button, etc.)- could increase by 1x or user definable step, or uplift by a fixed percentage (eg, 5% steps, etc.). Could include tipper validation/verification prior to tip (eg, if setting is above a certain threshold, monetary or percentage), tipee could preselect mode for payment- such as deposit to checking account or take to an ATM for cash payment, tipee could wear or have tip receiving means (eg, mobile phone or dedicated device) accessible to tipper (eg, resident beside tipee or on restaurant table or in hotel room (for maid service), etc.). An optional feature- the service provider (eg, waiter, maid, etc.) could select to send an acknowledgement manually or automatically when they receive a tip or complement. Another optional feature- gives governmental authorities ability to tract (and tax) tip income.

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Smarter Tipping

Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, tipping is customary in almost all jurisdictions (except Japan). Yet it's inconvenient to have to carry small bills or change. In addition it is sometimes intimidating not knowing precise local customs for tipping (eg, when to tip and when not to; how much is appropriate, etc.). In addition, it would also be beneficial to be able to complement a person rendering service to their manager automatically.

Prior Art

US 20090039150 A1 Remote handheld payment device and method
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WO 2012125531 A1 Methods and systems for electronic monetary payments (closest

prior art but my invention distinguishes over this)

US 20110073659 A1 Transaction Card with Three-Dimensional Tipping Guide

The invention is a mean and method to instantiate micro-transfers of credits and/or complements or decrements from a 'tipper' to a 'tipee' or tipee's manager. The invention could be a device which would include HW and SW, or it could be an App resident on a mobile phone or iPod*, etc. In a preferred embodiment the tipper's device would execute the desired micro-transaction in a tap to share mode or equivalent soft contact modality. An alternative embodiment is herein disclosed, which is a disposable Tip Sending unit which can be minimally programmed with set tipping rules.

Utility, Novel and Unobvious Aspects of the invention include :
pervasive mobile wireless (MP based, Bluetooth** based, 'tap to share', etc.) or wired (communication mode not in scope of invention) communication (micro-transfer) of a 'tip' from a tipper to a tipee/tipee's manager (monetary, complement, de...