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Maintenance Instruction Provider Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236142D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-09
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Disclosed is a method to provide more information to service engineers/customers on the interaction with systems for live events in order to proceed the correct maintenance action to prevent from any unexpected behavior or system damage due to insufficient information to indicate what's going on now for the next action. With this method, they can identify the correct action being performed from the indicator and more information from the NFC/short distance communication interface.

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Maintenance Instruction Provider


We have been seeing so many unexpected actions at customer site to replace or remove and insert the replaceable components (ex: MT, disk drives) in an un-recommended manner. For example, customers may pull out and then insert the disks in a very short window. The recommended procedures are well-defined in the Pubs (documentation) to make customers/on-site support engineers awareness. However, those rules are often not actually followed when customer's system enters un-healthy state, causing unexpected responses from the system.

Current Solution and Drawbacks:

Given the background above, customers/field engineers will eventually propagate this issue to development team for analysis. For instance, in most cases for disk drive replacement, it is very often to see the same drive slot being swapped in and out so many times within 5 sec even replaced by other drives in between without patient to wait for configuration update like metadata update or device discovery.

Current solution is to analyze the log and provide the solution helping customers to bring the system back online if possible.

Our idea is mainly to process the live event and interact with users using maintenance indicator like LightPath and NFC interfaces to know what status of system is now and what action customers should take even waiting for system's instructions to troubleshooting the problems.

Maintenance Instruction Provider:

In order to make customers/...