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Datacenter Environment Monitoring and Control Architecture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236152D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-09
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Disclosed is a data center architecture for environmental monitoring and conditioning. The architecture brings together multiple different environment data in a common framework and uses a common hardware system control component that can co-optimize environmental control settings based on interaction of observed measurements, and then drive actuators/control devices from that common component.

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Datacenter Environment Monitoring and Control Architecture

Environmental conditioning is critically important for the successful operation of data centers and the protection of costly capital equipment. However, environmental conditioning in data centers is often treated in a fragmented, siloed, and ad-hoc way. This can at least partly be explained with the initial priority to data center cooling in mature markets, where heat dissipation has been the dominant problem. In emerging markets (i.e., in developing countries), data centers need to respond to additional challenges related to both the geographic and climate conditions as well as the impact of rapid industrialization in these countries. Thus, data center operators must address the issues related to temperature, humidity, chemical pollution, and particulate matter. Current data center operational architectures do not simultaneously respond to these and other data center environment conditioning needs by using shared hardware to collect these measurements.

The novel contribution is a data center architecture for environmental monitoring and conditioning for collecting multiple measurements. This architecture places a number of monitoring and conditioning devices throughout the data center. Some devices exclusively provide either monitoring or conditioning, while others provide both

monitoring and conditioning. The plurality of devices is connected to an environment monitoring and conditioning hub. The hub c...