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a new method of serving web application for different browsers of cross platforms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236154D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-10
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This article illustrate an approach which balance the server side processing capability for web application in supporting multi-channel platform. It suggest that we can use the server to do some pre-processing for specific client by 1> detect the client browser type and platform 2> do pre-processing on existing code and generate the refined source code for specific platform and browser, and then push to client side for better performance

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a new method of serving web application for different browsers of cross platforms

Nowadays, as a web developer, we always have to add a lot of extra code for crossbrowser support. When mobile is also becoming more and more popular, such kind of extra code will be much more than before. But for each browser, there are always some browser specific code(only take effect on some browsers but not others) downloaded but not executed, which is a big waste of bandwidth, especially sensitive for mobile browser. How to optimize this kind of wasting is becoming a problem.

Currently there are several commonly used ways:
1. different implementation for different platform or browser
2. two different implementation: desktop and mobile, each one covers all the browsers in that platform
3. make browser specific build and together with browser router: (redirect to different browser specific build via browser info)

However, all of them have obvious shortages and doesn't well address the challenge:
1. too much cost effort in maintaining different browser's implementation
2. this way is widely used in current web app, but not suitable for multi-channelled web app.

3. as the source code can be written in various way, so to do the code text analysis and generate browser specific code output is nearly impossible. This invention describes a new way to serve our web application for different browsers of cross platform, it includes:
1. automatically do pre-processing for response via browser detection.

2. runtime code clean for specific browser(HTML, CSS, Javascript)

3. cache mechanism for browser specific cleaned code output.

This new methodolo...