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A reversed loading method for massive data population in test environment

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236159D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-10
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In a test environment, the massive data population often is very time-consuming task due to hardware (i.e. disk bottleneck) reasons and it's also hard to be reused since different test requests may have different requirements (i.e. distribution percentage on file size). The disclosure is not to load data files directly into the disk of target test system, but split a prepared big file into small-size blocks on demands, and by creating file meta data for these small blocks, implement massive test data poplution within a short time.

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A reversed loading method for massive data population in test environment

The core idea of disclosure is not to create target test files individually during the process of massive data population in test environment. instead, it will prepare a big common file first before test demands happening, which consists of continuous random characters. By splitting this big common files into small ones, it could fast create massive test data files for target test system within a short time.

Structure of A Big Common File

System Overview for Reversed Data Population


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Module 1 : Plan

   The plan module is used to define/manage different rules which tell how to create the big common file. Module 2 : Rule Mgmt Daemon

This module receive the request of plan module and manage the various document rules. Big Fles Creation Rule &

&& Status


RID Status File



Size Padding Target Path


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RID00001 Enabled 500000

                                   Random /data1/file1.out RID00002 Complete 2000000 Random /data1/file2.out RID00003 Disabled 500000

Random /data1/file3.out


- RIDis an unique rule key to distinguish big common file for various purposes.
- Status


       contains enable, complete, disabled status. F_PREP will create the big common file for enable status, and then turn to complete status after done. disabled status will be ignored by F_PREP daemon.

- File Sizeis the total file size of prepared big common file.

- Padding

is the way of filling in the big common file.

- Target Pathis the target output for the big template file.

Module 3 : Test Demands

This module will pick up the proper big file and based on details of file requirements, generate 'split' request for F_Split



List of Test R...