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A mechanism to identify and improve prospects for directed marketing based on Social Clout Analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236192D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11

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The proposed article proposes a mechanism to generate and utilize the user’s social clout to additionally target influential customers in order to improve marketing campaign performance. It proposes an algorithmic approach to generate a Smart Social Inclusion List to identify the target customer by Social Clout Analytics. By Gaurav Srivastava, Hemant Shukla, Vinod Srivastava and Sandip Thube

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A mechanism to identify and improve prospects for directed marketing based on Social Clout Analytics

In today's world, social media (for example Facebook, Twitter ) plays a vital role in information sharing. Social media users are connected to their friends, family and rest of the world which makes it easy to share any type of information among their friend circle via this media. Marketer have realized the potential of social media and the value proposition it can give to the marketing offers in terms of likes, shares, comments etc. Marketing world is looking at Social media as very promising channel for direct and indirect marketing in present and future time. The advantage of this channel compared to any other conventional channel is that the sharing of any offer is very easy and the social influence of any person can be leveraged to effectively target customer.

When marketer decides to use social media as marketing channel, it becomes very important to identify and target the right customer to deliver offer through this channel. Unlike the conventional channels it is not always expected that the offer will be availed by targeted individual only. It is possible in social media for a targeted customer to share the offer on his wall. The shared offer can be further shared by all of his connected friends and it can be visited or accepted by any of his friend. So the social influence of any individual plays vital role here. Users with bigger social influence are more likely to generate better responses but it is not the case where a user has large number of friends but lesser social influence. The Social influence or clout needs to be calculated in correct manner by considering the response rate of particular offer when shared on person's wall.

There needs to be some mechanism to score the customer based on their social influence for specific type of offer. Currently marketers are targeting the customer through this channel based on the conventional logic where the logic runs at marketer's end based on the customer history, profile etc. and the offer will be displayed at customer's wall. But the social influence of this customer and the result of
it with specific offers is not considered for the further optimization of the campaigning or Marketing Strategies. So there needs to be a solution to consider and calculate the customer's social influence accurately and use it for designing social marketing strategies.

Proposed mechanism tries to solve this problem by social analytics and weighting the social influence of customer in more accurate and unique way.

Summary of the proposal :

The proposed solution presents a mechanism to utilize the user's social clout to target influential customers in order to maximize ROI (Return On Investment).

Customer's Social clout is the aggregation of score computed using positive responses (e.g. purchase) to marketing offers. It is a measure of the ability of a customer to influence buying decisions...