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A technique for caller identification from an encrypted corporate directory. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236196D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11
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A technique for caller indentification from an encrypted corporate directory

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A technique for caller identification from an encrypted corporate directory .

Access to an employee contact information when you are unable to connect to the office network or access the intranet website is very essential.

In an example scenario, you are at a customer place consulting and you need to get into touch with a partner team member whose contact information isn't readily available, you find yourself in a challenging situation. The other issue this can solve is when you receive a call on your handheld device and you don't know if the number belongs to one of your colleagues.

There are no direct solutions available to the problem we are addressing here. However there are other caller identification inventions that use different approach.

A mobile application that would do the following
1. Pull the details of all employees who work within the same division or department or select the first line or second line manager and any other manager in the ladder and create a encrypted look up file with the following details.

   1. Name of the employee 2. Primary Contact number 3. Primary Contact email address 4. Name of the first line manager 5. Is employee a manager etc.,
2. When a call is received from an unknown caller, the application will try and find the contact information in the look up file created and display the name of the caller
3. When the user wants to make a call, but doesn't have the contact details, he could fetch the details of the employee by doing the following

1. Search by name 2. Search by manager name
To do so, the user has to first key in their companies intranet User Id/Password to gain access to the look up.

4. Provide an option to synchronize the look-up file with the corporate directory, either manually or automatically at scheduled intervals.

The below explanation is briefed considering the following assumptions
1. A solution would be built as a application that could be installed into a mobile/tablet device.
2. GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE value added services are enabled on the handheld device or the handheld device is connected to a wi-fi hotspot.

3. The user has valid intranet credentials to be able to successfully connect to the corporate network

On application installation, the user has to register/sign himself up with his corpo...