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Packaging materiel to Display Videos Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236200D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11
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Technique to display videos on packaging material

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Packaging materiel to Display Videos


We purchase many items every day which currently have a text based user manual or


It is to create a packaging material which is capable of running videos as demo to the product which will be easier for end users to understand and use the product
It will also help the retails stores which can be run without a skilled resource to explain or demo the product.


As part of our daily life we purchase many products , these products currently have text instructions and most of them require some degree of language and technical skills to understand and operate the products
Also retails stores hire qualified persons to demo the product to customers
This feature is to protect an approach where in which develop a packaging materiel which is capable to display videos to demo the usage and features of the product
Description Existing Process
1)Customer purchases goods


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Description Existing Process

  Description Proposed Solution

•1)Customer purchases goods - 2)Customer watches the videos on the good/product ,
- gets a good understanding of the product and can easily

- decide to purchase & use it effectively :(

•3)Stores can operate without skilled manpower reducing costs


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1)Customer purchases goods

Approach to enable a user to watch videos of the products demo and usage on the products packaging material
The approach allows retail stores to be operated without skilled resources...