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Social loyalty management with expiring frequent flyer miles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236203D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11
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Social loyalty management with expiring frequent flyer miles using pooling algorithm

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Social loyalty management with expiring frequent flyer miles
Often travellers have frequent flyer miles in programs managed by different airlines which are hard to track. These miles often expire and are lost.

Although airlines have rules preventing buying or bartering frequent flyer miles, such miles can be converted into an award issued against someone else's name. But the receiving person should be known to the owner of the miles and his/her travel plans (destination, dates need to be known).

There are other known solutions like:
Including friends and family members in the program
Extending program through loyalty partnerships
Substituting other rewards such as magazines or gifts in lieu of accrued miles.

However the solutions mentioned above are limited in scope and are often lead to unutilized miles. Hence we propose a pooling system which tracks miles accrued by a first traveller in different loyalty programs. The pooling system creates a reward system which identifies a second traveller with a request for a certain number of miles. The second traveller is found from the social network of the first traveller who is closely connected and who has donated the highest number of miles amongst other such connected travellers. This pooling system then recommends the second traveller to the first traveller and suggests a donation of miles.

For travellers, such a system allows miles to be utilized more effectively, allows philanthropy (support a good cause), improves p...