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Smart Automation using Record All Paths(RAP) mode in automation Test Tools Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236204D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11
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This article is aimed at providing a solution to most prevalent challenges faced by teams doing Automation in Agile environment.The mechanism proposed is to introduce a Record All Paths mode (RAP) apart from the conventional modes which would traverse all paths of the AUT and capture all flows with minimal manual intervention.This mode can then be extended such that rules can be defined to auto eliminate some invalid business flows thus giving a repository of all valid business flows for an application.

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Smart Automation using Record All Paths (RAP) mode in automation Test Tools
This disclosure relates to automation tools and their conventional usages.In general most of the automation projects fall in the following categories:
1.A separate team of manual testers/business users define the relevant function/UI flows.Automation team later picks these flows and tries to automate them.

Shortcoming: As this flow is sequential, there are more bottlenecks in terms of dependencies on the former team to provide artifacts which are thorough and are produced at the correct time giving automation team enough time to complete automation scripts.

In the Agile development practice,automation team does not get enough time to automate and eventually it jeopardizes the overall Quality of the product.

2.In more mature projects,a separate skilled team develops a generic reusable framework which could be used by the manual testers for creating test cases which can be executed using framework. Shortcoming: The major drawback of this approach is that time taken to develop an extendable automation framework is quiet high and requires people with high skills.Also in case where the application under test (AUT) is going through major changes , this framework has to be maintained.Hence ROI in such scenarios is low defeating the overall purpose of automation.

3.One of the approaches to overcome the above situations is to use the record and playback feature of the existing automation tools.However record and playback has its own drawbacks and is not a reliable solution and requires continuous user intervention.

Therefore there is a need for the automation tools to provide a mechanism where it can work in a headless mode and provide all the possible test combinations by interacting with the application under test.

The mechanism proposed it to have another mode of execution- Record ALL Paths mode(RAP), apart from the convention...