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Technique for exposing the content of an email preview to a individual recipient to attract them to react. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236205D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-11
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This article relates to identifying a suitable solution to identify the individual recipients belonging to various teams and a mechanism of facilitating the identification of portions of content of the email message and selectively display it to the recipients in the email preview activities to enable them to prioritize actions on them.

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Technique for exposing the content of an email preview to a individual recipient to attract them to react.

Complete description of the concept in a typical embodiment:

A challenge in mass communication in any organization through common email messages introduces attention related activities from recipients of the mailing list on priority. The current mechanism allows everyone in the mailing list to access all the information of the mail by highlighting the content of the common email to individual recipients. This disclosure aims at introducing a mechanism to provide preview access to parts of information from the original mail to selected recipients from the complete mailing list enabling them to prioritize actions to process the email by highlighting the areas of email messages that are of interest to them to enable them to quickly reviewing the content of a common email message based on the departments they work for.

This disclosure aims at proposing an alternative mechanism of prioritizing actions by email recipients by providing the related information to them in the email previewing activities based on the content of a common email message sent to a wider distribution list consisting recipients from heterogeneous teams. Based on the departments they work for in an organization and also by highlighting the contents of the email message which is of specific interest to individuals based on pre-configured tags that could be configured while composing the email messages and presenting the same to attract attention of the recipients and by thus encouraging them to respond to common email contents.

This solution contains the following phases:

1. A mechanism of identifying a common mailing list to which the information could be shared.

2. A mechanism of identifying recipients and their team at the time of creation of email addresses.

3. A mechanism of creation of preview sections in a email message and assign...