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Apparatus and Method for Outputting Real-time Screenshots or Video in Multiple Languages for Multilingual Software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236229D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-14
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This article introduces a method to output real-time screenshots or video in Multiple Languages for Multilingual Software. The method can be used for several user scenarios, such as translation testing, remote desktop sharing, etc. Comparing with other methods, this method utilizes the existing translated UI messages and hooks them to the correct position on the UI and improve the accuracy and response time dramatically.

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Apparatus and Method for Outputting Real

Apparatus and Method for Outputting Real-


Nowadays, more and more softwares released with built-in multiple language support, aka. multilingual software. Without reinstalling the software in another language version, a multilingual software can show UI content in a different language according to the localization setting. However, this type of software can only show ONE language at the same time. It has problems in the following user scenarios:

1. Translation testing (aka. TVT)

TVT testers need to ensure that all UI contents are displayed correctly in globalization environment before the multilingual software is released. Verifying UI strings could be a complex testing work. The usual approach is that, tester manually set different languages and capture screens, then verify them by comparing screenshots between two languages. Sometimes a mouse click recorder can help them to automate some of the work, but obviously it's not reliable all the time: even a small difference in UI may make the scripts fail to work.

2. Remote desktop sharing

When people who speak different languages work together in the same remote desktop, they must find a language they both know well.

We want to provide a method to show different language in different remote desktop. The application in different language is actually one instance, so all the remote client share the same memory area. It's possible to interact between people who don't have a common language between them. Also, it helps user to review UI strings in different language without extra settings.

Known solutions

Known solutions:


Solution: Eclipse

Drawback: It must close and reopen to show UI content in another language

Solution: EP2521956 A1 Vending machine GUI utilizing XML for on-the-fly language selection by an end user

Drawback:Users cannot change language at any time they want, and user cannot review the UI in different language at the same time.

The core ideas include:

1) A device or software is introduced to generate the multilingual screenshots or video on the target multilingual software ;

2) In the device or software, a monitor component is connected to the target multilingual software which is launched and the monitor component will identify the check point when UI displays language which needs to be translated, and record the positions of UI strings;
3) In the device or software, a translation component is invoked when the monitor component sends a notification for capturing a translation content. And then the component will analyze the language resource bundles of the multilingual software and find the translated contents for other languages;

--time Screenshots or Video in Multiple Languages for Multilingual Software

time Screenshots or Video in Multiple Languages for Multilingual Software


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4) In the device or software, a UI strings replacement component is invoked when the translation component gets all translated c...