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System and Method for Cloud Instance Management according to security issues Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236230D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-14
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This article defined a method and process for cloud instance management to handle the security issues. Defining multiple leves for the cloud instances and commission and decommission process are the two main key ideas for this method and process .

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System and Method for Cloud Instance Management according to security issues

Most of company has a policy to assure the information security of their servers. If there is any violation of this policy, the owner of the noncompliant host will be reported to his manager if the security issue is not fixed in certain period of time, and the cloud instance will also be deleted from the cloud environment. This causes problems both service host provider and clients

Different instances following the same standard is not a wise idea. Different service levels should be concerned separately.

Services are unreachable if the instance is removed or deleted. The service host provider can't reach server anymore, and this means they have no chance to fix the problems, furthermore this also effect service consumer side.

General Smart Cloud scenario


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Key ideas

There are two key ideas in our innovation
Security Levels


1.1 Four security levels are defined. They are Public, Restricted, Limited, Blocked.

1.2 More security level means checking more strictly. Different policies are defined for different levels.

2. Commission and Decommission processes


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2.1 Cloud instances switching from on level to another one should follow the process.

2.2 Commission means instance owner can apply to deploy their hosts at certain level. The cloud instance is recorded in central system if the hosts passed the related security check. 2.3 The control system scans all instances regularly. The instances not passed are downgrade to lower level with notifications.

The method and pro...