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Method and System for Implementing Autonomic In-Place Data Archival within a Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236258D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-15
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A method and system is disclosed for implementing autonomic in-place data archival within a database.

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Method and System for Implementing Autonomic In -Place Data Archival within a Database

Disclosed is a method and system for implementing autonomic in-place data archival within a database.

The method and system creates an architecture within the database by automatically marking the data as archived or not archived. Statistics related to the data entering the database are initially collected and are continuously monitored over time, for comparing them with a pre-set threshold. Statistics of the data can be such as, but not limited to, length of time data is kept in the database, data last updated, usage of data and number of times a particular data is accessed. Thereafter, the data is automatically marked as archived within the database upon meeting the pre-set threshold values. Archiving the data within the database is defined as in-place data archival.

In accordance with the method and system, each data entering the database is arranged in the form of rows in a table. Each row of the table indicates the existence of data in one or more forms such as, for example, files, documents, etc. The method and system flags each row in order to indicate that the data is archived within the database. Flagging of rows is implemented upon one or more conditions such as, but are not limited to, conditions specified in the statistics of the data, conditions specified in table fields of the database, calculating time period threshold of the data from its timestamp, calculating time period threshold of...