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A method for using hybrid load balancing to maintain network flow persistency Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236271D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-16
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Disclosed is a method to utilize a stateless load balancer in conjunction with a stateful load balancer to serve high-speed traffic (e.g., at the line speed) while maintaining persistency.

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A method for using hybrid load balancing to maintain network flow persistency

Load balancing is a technique to divide a large workload into two or more smaller

workloads. Each smaller workload is then served by an individual computing server/virtual machine.

Currently, there are two types of network load balancers. The first is a high-speed (stateless) hardware load balancer that can handle a workload at wire speed (e.g., 240Gbps). The second is a persistency-aware (stateful) load balancer (e.g., software: HAProxy, and hardware: F5 Layer 4 switch) that can maintain the network flow information (e.g., Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) flow information) and ensure a network flow is served by a single computing unit.

Each of these load balancers has drawbacks. A high-speed hardware load balancer does not maintain the flow information; therefore, it does not ensure a flow is always served by the same computing unit during the load balancing group update . The persistency-aware load balancer must keep the network flow information ; therefore, it cannot handle a workload at a relatively high speed (e.g., 10Gbps).

The solution takes a hierarchical approach to divide the workload . First, the workload is divided by the high-speed load balancer. The divided smaller workload is then handled by persistency-aware load balancers. This two-step method provides high-speed persistency-aware load balancing.

This method maintains the network flow information at the persistency...