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Method for Securely Deploying Enterprise Applications in a Multitenant Cloud Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236275D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-16
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A method is disclosed for securely deploying one or more enterprise applications in a multitenant cloud environment. The method provides a model for sandboxing user code on a per tenant basis from an actual server's system code for deploying the one or more enterprise applications.

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Method for Securely Deploying Enterprise Applications in a Multitenant Cloud Environment

In a prior art technique, once an enterprise application has been deployed for a period of time on a cloud, the cloud can determine whether the application's placement is the most efficient based on a workload that has been serviced by the enterprise application. Here, the cloud is responsible for monitoring the performance of the enterprise application and the components associated with the enterprise application. When it is determined that the enterprise application can be distributed across multiple virtual machines, the enterprise application can be redeployed as individual applications running within the corresponding virtual machines. The complete process is administered by the cloud with no intervention by the end user and does not require any type of coding changes to the enterprise application. The advantages to distributing the enterprise application across multiple virtual machines are as follows:

1) Application isolation for the various components of the enterprise application. This removes the single point of failure where if one part of the enterprise application fails, there is no impact on the other applications.

2) Performance benefits where each component is able to fully leverage the available memory and disk allocated to a virtual machine.

3) By leveraging technology such as Remote Request Dispatcher (RRD), the enterprise application can be run on multiple virtual machines individually while providing the appearance of running as a single consolidated virtual machine.

Disclosed is a method for extending the prior art technique explained above for dealing with multitenant cloud deployments. In accordance with the method, each RRD instance is sandboxed and isolated at a tenant level providing a highly secure and scalable deployment runtime while adhering to a previous design pattern. The previo...