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Gas pump safety Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236301D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-17
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Disclosed is a system for prohibiting drivers from pumping gas while the vehicle’s engine is running.

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Gas pump safety

There is a sign at every gas station, "Turn off engines while fueling". This is a safety precaution to prevent fires, which are very dangerous around the highly flammable liquid. Some consumers still choose to ignore the signs and leave vehicles running. There are currently no mechanical or electronic interventions to prevent this behavior. Gas stations rely on voluntary compliance, and every year there are accidents involving fires.

The novel contribution is a system to enforce engine-shutoff while a person is pumping gas. There are two methods for implementing this system:

1. Locking the gas cap could be locked. Most new cars today already use an electronic system of releasing the gas cap door.

2. Prevent the gas pump from pumping

Either way, the system performs the same. In a preferred embodiment, the system determines whether the vehicle is running through the vehicle's internal computer, through thermal imaging at the gas station (which might also detect excessive heat from other sources), or through directional microphones. If the system determines that the engine is running, it then uses one of the two methods above to prevent the user from pumping gas.

Additional parameters for consideration include:

 Discouraging users from talking on a mobile phone

 Identifying when someone re-enters the vehicle and sits in the seat. Most cars now have sensors to detect someone in the seats. The decision in this case to prohibit fueling could also...