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Artificial Intelligence based Confidence Scoring of Likelihood of Meeting Attendance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236311D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-18
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Disclosed are a method and system to alert conference call or web meeting participants when one or more of the present meeting participants are in communication with an absent attendee. The system also applies a confidence score to indicate the likelihood that the missing attendee is going to join the meeting.

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Artificial Intelligence based Confidence Scoring of Likelihood of Meeting Attendance

Often, meeting invitees accept an invitation for a conference call or web meeting , but do not connect for the call. The time designated for the meeting is then wasted by the facilitator or participants who are attempting to locate and connect other participants before the meeting can begin. In addition, if multiple persons are simultaneously attempting reach the absent participant, then that person might receive multiple calls, emails, or text messages regarding the same meeting; therefore, not only time, but also effort is wasted by many people.

A method is needed to ensure that others can see that an invitee has been reminded so that the efforts are not duplicated and the most effective information is available at a glance.

The solution is a method to alert multiple participants of the same meeting when one or more attendees of the meeting and a missing participant of the meeting communicate

with each other. The method also indicates to a user the nature of the communication . In addition, the method alerts multiple meeting participants when the absent participant is attempting to join or is experiencing technical difficulties .

The information obtained in this context with respect to the missing meeting participant becomes available to attendees of the meeting via the missing person 's status or attempt to contact the missing person.

This capability can be built into instant messaging (IM) software and tools within collaborative team products.

To implement the method in a preferred embodiment :

1. A meeting is detected in User U's calendar, and based on the current time it is noted that this meeting has begun

2. When a participant of the meeting sends an instant message to User U , the text of the instant message is parsed to determine whether :

A. The message is about this meeting

    B. The message is a reminder to User U to join the meeting C. A confidence score is associated with steps 2A and 2B
3. Whether or not User U responds to the message in step 2 within a fixed time duration, d, is noted, and the text in the response is parsed to determine


    A. The response indicates that User U will join the meeting B. The response indicates that User U does not intend to join the meeting C. The response indicates that User U is experiencing technical difficulties D. A confidence score associated with steps 3A and 3B and 3C
4. The system makes a note of certain actions that User U performs during the first n minutes of the meeting, such as whether:

A. User U clicks on a link to a web conference associated with the meeting

B. User U's browser crashes within s seconds of action 4A


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C. User U's machine is rebooted within s seconds of action 4A

5. Based on the information gathered in step 4, the system determines whether User U intends to join the meeting, and if user U is experiencing technical difficulties. The system may associate a...