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Mobile authentication challenge based on user location history Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236319D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-20
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This disclosure relates to user authentication in a mobile device, more specifically to challenge based authentication in smartphones that have touch UI. Challenge based authentication can be used either as an alternative to user password or as a secondary authentication mechanism to verify the user identity (e.g., in case of user forgets her password). Several challenge based authentication methods exist, some require the user to answer questions about private facts (e.g., "what is the name of your pet dog?"), others require the user to perform some operation on the mobile phone (e.g., tap on the screen, draw something, sign, etc). This invention suggests a novel challenge based user authentication based on user' private information kept in her location log.

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Mobile authentication challenge based on user location history

Provide a user a visual authentication challenge which depicts a geographical map and require the user to perform a task based on metadata extracted from the user's location log/history (e.g., tags, coordinates, times, etc).

The idea is based on the fact that in most cases the user is the only person to know his location -based routines, such as driving way from home to work, places mostly visited by user, daily walks, etc.

     The following are two examples of location data based challenges for authenticating users . Challenge 1

11::: (use only location data + time records)

Ask user to mark on a grid over a map, locations the user visits most frequently, rarely, on weekends, at nights, etc.

Ask user to mark areas visited within some time frame (e.g., yesterday, last week, etc).

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Challenge 2 22::: (combines location metadata and coordinates, paths, etc)


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Ask user to draw some common route that the user does from point A to point B.

e.g., Way from his home to work, walking path from home and back, etc.


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