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Chat Notification Enhancement

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236321D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-20
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When immersed in work, many times a user gets notified that new chat messages arrived in closed or minimized chat windows. The user stops what he is doing. shifts his focus to the chat window only to find out that there is some meaningless acknowledgment to something the user wrote before, e.g., bye. This is time consuming and work disturbing. The idea below specifies a mechanism in which these type of chat messages received in a chat session will not invoke any notification mechanism and will not cause any disruption of work

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Chat Notification Enhancement

Usually when involved in a chat session, a user finished the conversation by saying Bye (or something similar) and closing or minimizing the chat window. Often, the user on the other side will reply with a greeting message from his side. It will be something like: bye, ttul, tnx, np, etc. Those messages will cause a notification to the user: The chat window

will re-open, come to front, get the focus, beep, etc. This is an annoying behavior as it pulls the user's focus from what he is doing at the moment to something with no real value, causing waste of time, context switching, etc.

    To overcome this annoyance, there will be a set of words in the client, defined by the user or by an administrator, that when received in a chat session while the window is not in focus, will leave the chat window in it's current state and not invoke any of the notification mechanisms specified for incoming messages. If the window is closed, it will remain closed, if it is minimized, it will remain minimized. It will not blink in the task bar, it will not cause a beep, etc. The new message will appear in the chat history, but it will not cause the user to notice that.

    In addition, in order to save time to the chat partner, and let him know that he will not be considered rude if he doesn't answer my last message, there will be a mechanism in which the user will notify his partner that from his side the session is closed and there is no need to send any acknowledgment (which will be ignore anyway). It will not prevent the user from sending a message, but if the message will be

just an acknowledgment from the set of words, it will be ignored.

The user can...