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Analyze text and offer to install app based on identified name Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236323D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-20
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This article describes software program that will analyze text on a mobile device and based on identified names it will offer the user, by direct link, to download specific apps from the OS application store. The user will not have to go into the OS application store and search for the application he wants. For example, in case the user will receive SMS with the word "gmail" in it, the software will offer a direct download link for gmail app from the OS application store.

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Analyze text and offer to install app based on identified name

Today when I get information on specific application (by mail, SMS, etc) and I want to check it in the OS application store and install it, I need to close the current application, go the OS application store, search for it and download. This process involved several steps, context switches and takes time.

    Our invention suggest analyzing the text, learn that it contains information on an application so we will offer the user to download this application (of find more information on it) in just one click.

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    The idea is to analyze the text the that user receive in mail, SMS, etc. The full list of available resource for analyzing will be available on the OS settings. The user can set the list of resources to analyze and edit it at any time.

When the user uses one of the resources that were selected for analyaze the mobile OS will look for identified names based on the below algorithm (section #3). If it find such it will offer the user a direct link to download this application from the application store. Specific details on how the direct link will work and look like are describe below (section #3)

    The advantages of using this invention are:
1 - The user does not have to manually close the current application (mail, SMS,etc) and open the application store.
2 - The user does not have to remember the application name and search it on the application store.
3 - The user will save time and in just one step will get to the application in the application store.
4 - More users will download the application because of the above 3 advantages.

    We propose mobile OS software that will do the follow:
1 - When the user open application it will check if it need to analyze text in this application.
2 -If yes, every text message will analyze.
3 - The software will look for identified names in the analyze text based on the below algorithm.
4 - Based on the id...