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Optimization and prioritization of personal electronic calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236352D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-22
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Optimization and prioritization of personal electronic calendar

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Optimization and prioritization of personal electronic calendar

A personal electronic calendar may not show the relevance of the meetings accepted; it is desirable that, at a first view, it is possible to capture which meetings have to be

joined with high priority.

This could help in choosing to attend only the meeting that are supposed to be of the highest priority.

The idea is to allow the user capture, immediately at a first view, in his electronic calendar the meeting with high priority that he needs to attend. The user can identify high priority meetings marked with a specific color and he can allocate some time to prepare it. Different colors can represent different priorities.

Such an improved personal electronic calendar is adaptive to the meeting needs and can dynamically change priority to new meetings.

The different colors are set by the user at meeting acceptance time. A user profile can provide some default values and it will contains guidelines in accepting the meetings

which help in marking each one with the right color. The user can modify the profile arameters when accepting the invitation to overlap default values if needed.

At the moment of the acceptance the user will be asked if he needs to prepare some material for the meeting and the type of the material. In the user profile is indicated, for each type of material, the amount of time required for it. In case this preparation is needed on the calendar, an entry for the preparation of the material will be created before the meeting with the time specified in the profile for that type of material.

The electronic calendar configuration operation is enriched with a new tab called "Prioritization Profile", in which the parameters for meeting prioritization are collected the first time the meeting Prioritization is going to be used.

The Parameters will include:
- Director Name
- Project
- Job Roles (key words such as "status", "meeting", "sales", "pipeline")

The parameter value will specify default meeting acceptance and filtering of meeting invitations. For example if the meeting invitation comes from the Director this will probably need attendance and hence, by default, the meeting will be marked accordingly.

When accepting the invitation a new option will be shown, called "Accept with Prioritization". If this option is chosen then a new panel containing the same parameters in the profile will be showed again to allow overwriting with different values.

The priority is computed to give a priority to the meeting. Every meeting will have an associated weight that is calculated using...