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System for individualistic meeting minutes consolidation with intelligent categorization and querying mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236358D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-22
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Proposed is a system for individualistic meeting minutes consolidation with intelligent categorization and querying mechanism. The invention discloses a system that has 2 parts. One part to analyze the audio metadata generated from a meeting or conference, and determine the key topics from the discussion. The second part lets the user query in free-form text or natural language to identify the personal events of interest from a long running meeting.

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System for individualistic meeting minutes consolidation with intelligent categorization and querying mechanism

In a meeting or conference call, perception of important events or topics may vary based on attendee's personal interest. An attendee may want to jump to specific parts of the meeting for review, long after the meeting is over.

Existing art provides recordings of meetings or conference calls that are available for playback. This form of review is cumbersome because the user must scan through the meeting and listen in real-time to retrieve desired information. Audio (or video) replay is not ideal for post-review of information for somebody who has already attended the meeting, but is usually intended for users who missed the meeting and want to consume the entire contents of the multimedia file.

There are also existing arts provide mechanisms to collect, transcribe and consolidate the meeting into a common, single text-based transcript. However, these existing arts do not provide capabilities have different individual based meeting minutes consolidation, to perform consolidation analytics and let the user query or browse high level topics from a past meeting. Current art provides a way for participants to browse a single end-to-end transcript report for the entire meeting which doesn't hone in on their specific questions or points of interest. Since there is so much data to review in an aggregate transcript, this approach causes significant delay for the attendees to get to the right events of the meeting that are of interest.

In the current art, there are no systems that provide separate meeting minutes consolidation for each individual participant. Rather provides single consolidated meeting minutes report to all participants but no one size fits all - each participant might be interested in his own specific part of the meeting. Also, currently there are no analytic capabilities associated with currently available meeting consolidation and transcription systems.

Prior Arts:

(1) Automatic consolidation of voice enabled multi-user meeting minutes
This patent only provides a way to combine each speaker's contribution to a large meeting to form a unified transcript. It does not care about specific events of interest, does not do analytics/intelligence on the data. Produces only a single consolidated report which is the same all users whereas the proposed system produces multiple consolidation reports for multiple users.

(2) Collaborative generation of meeting minutes and agenda confirmation
This patent focuses on collaborative techniques between members of project and not directly related to generation of meeting minutes.

(3) Method, system, and program for querying data in a personal information manager database
This patent focuses on gathering time and event information about users in a central...