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Action triggered termination of temporary guest account access Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236366D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-22
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A method for action triggered termination of temporary guest account access is disclosed.

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Action triggered termination of temporary guest account access

Disclosed is a method for action triggered termination of temporary guest account access.

In collaborative software (that is, software geared towards allowing many people to cooperate on a common piece of work), a user sometimes needs to invite other users to help him or her on a particular piece of work. Sometimes, however, the person whose expertise is required to complete a piece of work does not belong to the user's team -- meaning, the expert may not have system credentials to access the work in question (i.e. they may not have an account on the system where the work is to be performed).

Traditionally, at this point the user would have to involve the system administrator to create an account for the expert. The expert would perform the desired task, and then the system administrator would have to manually remove the account created specifically for the expert.

This manual step results in lack of productivity and wasted time while the system administrator creates the desired account. Also, if the system administrator forgets to remove the account that was created just for this purpose, system security may be adversely impacted.

A traditional solution is to create temporary guest accounts that expire after a certain amount of time, or after a predetermined number of sessions. The first approach is not ideal because the chosen account expiration date may be too soon (in which case the expert will lose his or her access before being able to complete the work) or too late (in which case the guest account remains valid longer than necessary). The second approach is also not ideal because the expert may need to access the system more times than the allotted number of sessions before the work is completed, again rendering the expert unable to complete the work.

Disclosed is a system and method that allows for the creation of a guest account to enable assistance to complete one or more particular pieces of work, where the account access is automatically revoked when the piece(s) of work has (have) been completed.

In an example scenario, the software is meant to assist bank officers to approve or reject personal loans. A bank officer is presented with a form that compiles different assets belonging to the applicant and at...