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Method and Apparatus for passing messages between nodes in a cluster over Virtualized Fibre Channel (NPIV) protocol. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236396D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-24

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The nodes in a cluster can also send and receive messages over Fibre Channel link instead of ethernet, when they function as SCSI targets. In a virtualized enterprise environment the cluster nodes can be N_Port ID Virtualization(NPIV) clients. Disclosed is an efficient method, where NPIV clients in a cluster receive the messages without having to implement target mode support. An I/O virtualization server(VIOS) can serve as a target and receive messages on behalf of the NPIV client. VIOS receives the LOGIN requests, SCSI commands etc., on behalf of the NPIV client and finally delivers the message to the NPIV client. The message passing in NPIV environment can take full advantage of this article to allow nodes to communicate with each other through VIOS very efficiently by significantly reducing the overhead of communication over hypervisor and need not to implement target mode on NPIV clients.