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Method for light weight departmental tenancy required and suitble for private cloud deployments.

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Publication Date: 2014-Apr-24
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In storage cloud computing there is a need for light weight multitenancy suitable for private cloud, where the tenants of the cloud comes under a trusted organizationsal realm. The solution is to have a light weight departmental schema that is embedded into storage systems like network attach storage such that the system provides the required level of isolation to the tenants (departments).

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Method for light weight departmental tenancy required and suitble for private cloud deployments.


Public storage cloud deployments that host independent tenants require finegrained multitenancy. Private storage cloud deployments in organizations, however,
do not have such a stringent requirement. Such deployments are required to host multiple departments that need basic elements of:

   · Isolation · Department ownership
In private storage cloud deployments within organizations, the storage cloud is expected to host multiple departments. These departments need basic elements of isolation and department ownership. These requirements are not as stringent as seen in public storage cloud hosting independent tenants where one is required to have fine grained multi tenancy. Since departments generally fall under one organizational realm with acceptable level of trust between the departments, the need revolves more towards department ownership of storage resources and basic separation as opposed to end to end isolation. In summary, there is a need for private storage cloud hosted over network attached storage to be cognizant of the organizational departmental model.

What is the problem

In a network attached system (NAS) box backed with a single namespace based filesystem there is a need for a degree of isolation such that trusted tenants (like departments) can securely use the backend NAS system with a degree of isolation which suits a private cloud like environment.

In private cloud environments, the deployments need a single filesystem namespace, generally have a single storage admin and the tenancy is at department level. Implementing a full blown fine grained multitenancy is simply a overhead and is also resource intensive. This calls out for a tailored, light weight schema for multi department tenancy in a trusted realm.


Disclosed solution is a departmental model which allows isolation of data belonging to different departments in a light weight departmental schema in a single namespace model more suitable for private cl...