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Teleconference auto mute noisy participant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236423D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-24
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Disclosed is a method to automatically mute a participant on a conference call when that participant is not actively participating or paying attention, or has excessive background noise.

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Teleconference auto mute noisy participant

Conference calls are sometimes interrupted by background noise from participants not on mute. The problem is that sometimes these participants are not really listening to the call and requests for everyone who is not actively talking to go on mute are ignored. The host can put everyone on mute, but usually does not want to do that unless the meeting is merely a broadcast and not an interactive meeting.

This disclosure teaches that a host can invoke an algorithm to selectively mute noisy, unresponsive call participants by entering a button sequence.

When a noisy participant of a call does not respond, the host communicates to all participants that the auto-mute program is about to be activated. The host presses a set of keys (e.g., *9). All participants are instructed to go on mute or stay silent. The system then detects any line that still has noise on it, and mutes that line. The host cancels the auto-mute function (e.g., *9 again) and then continues the call. If the muted participant needs to talk, then that participant presses a combination on the phone; this can be special keys or any combination, since that indicates the participant is paying attention again.