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Haptic feedback used to modify a user’s speech patterns Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236428D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-25
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Disclosed is a software application for mobile devices that monitors a user’s speech, applies preset rules, and then alerts the user via haptic feedback when the user needs to change the current speech pattern to a more desirable mode.

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Haptic feedback used to modify a user's speech patterns

The current capabilities of mobile phones include some voice processing; some phones support voice commands by always listening to the environment. Phones that not only perform speech-to-text (command) translation, but also infer the intonation of the voice and detect multiple voices are soon to be developed.

The novel contribution is a software application that combines known technologies into a solution to provide haptic feedback to the user based on a set of rules that run against the information from the speech recognition . The novel application combines the following known technologies:

Software to implement the solution on a mobile device
Vibration support to provide haptic feedback

Speech recognition through both speech-to-text and intonation detection

To implement the application using a mobile device, such as a cell phone, the microphone continually receives speech input. A set of default rules, a dictionary, and other data required for the speech recognition engine to function are contained in the application . The optional user configuration allows the user to define the stringency of the default rules or to select which set of rules should be applied. If the application detects a matching rule, then it alerts the user via a vibration or other non-obtrusive means.

Figure: Components and process


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When the application is active on a user's mobile phone , it can detect that...