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Method of Dicing on Narrow Scribe Lane and Die Attachment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236441D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-25

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Narrower saw scribe width (i.e. equal and/or lesser than 60um) allows the wafer designer to fit as many dies into a given wafer size, be it 6, 8, 12 inch diameter. This change has increasingly desirable for low-k wafer device fabrication, as part of the effort to reduce the cost of the manufacturing and improve productivity. Unfortunately, implementation of narrow saw scribe width in low-k semiconductor wafer poses critical dicing challenges. The traditional blade dicing technique for narrow saw scribe design may have dicing difficulty, due to the limited choices for blade thickness selection. Laser dicing and/or stealth dicing process is possibly the best solution for narrow scribe width dicing. However, a brand new laser system and the optics itself are not cheap; and this may cause higher initial process cost compared to the current blade dicing process. Therefore, this paper discloses an innovative method of dicing on narrow scribe lane and die attachment.