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A System and Method to Auto-Generate Automation Script on Web-Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236454D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-28
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A system and method to generate automation script for MVC web application automatically. It will extract appobjects from view and model layers, generate function code from model, controller and view layers by static code review. With navigation path generator, test case could be generated based on these appobjects and functions. At last, the system will analyze the test coverage by tree structure.

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A System and Method to Auto

A System and Method to Auto-

--Generate Automation Script on Web Generate Automation Script on Web

Generate Automation Script on Web-

--Application Application

Nowadays, automation test is an important way to improve test process. Automation tester may record to create automation scripts by automation tools. Also, some framework is created to reduce cost for scripts maintenance. But with the growing and more complicated framework, new or less experienced automation tester may not be able to easily manage or maintain the automation scripts. Or even for experienced automation tester, they may also need to learn new coding languages when they join in a new project. What's more, automation tester needs to write the similar scripts day by day for fit the updated UI designs.

Record by UI object catch

Test Object Map


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The invention includes the following claim points:

1. A specific method to generate automation scripts for MVC-web applications automatically

2. A method to extract objects and functions by static code review and generate automation code for objects and their functions

3. A method to find objects and extract functions by dynamic script execution, UI objects traversing and comparison and automation code for objects and their functions

4. A method to analyze test coverage by tree structure and generate scripts in test case layer

Below is the overall chart of our invention


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ITCL introduction:

All the application objects of the application reside in the AppObject scripts. All the finders will be in this package/script

Methods around these Appobjects to do a task eg: Logging into an application

The scripts which actually verify and test the application. Testcases are abstracted from the Appobjects which make this architecture


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It will works as the chart below:


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Detail chart for our invention:


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Below chart shows how to generate full coverage for all web pages: