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Resource allocation with social awareness Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236464D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29

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Putting together an optimal team requires detailed knowledge of the individuals, their availability, skills as well as knowledge of how they interact together. It is typically the job of project manager to define the team. This is often done with less than perfect knowledge and can result in poor project performance. In addition to having the required skills set and being available, people tend to work better when working with friends or people they get along well with. The idea of this disclosure is to use the existing social information as reflected in social networking tools to allocate people to the project in a way that maximises the number of social connections. This way it increases the chances of the project succeeding as it minimises the team building and getting to know each other phase. The algorithm can be used in the opposite way, to select a team that minimises connections, say for a company wide activity when you want people from different departments that have not worked together before.