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Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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Vehicles sold in North America market are required to capture fuel vapors and store them inside a carbon canister. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) have a sealed fuel tank. This is due to limited engine run time which constrains cleaning/purging the canister. A PHEV Evap system is called NIRCOS (Non Integrated Refueling Canister Only System).Vapors from running loss and diurnal temperature cycle must be contained inside sealed the fuel tank. Only refueling vapors are adsorbed into the canister. The fuel tank must be rigid enough to allow diurnal vapor generation. A lock out method must be present to keep the customer from refueling while high pressure exists in the fuel tank. For EU and US Green states ("non-ORVR markets"), the gas stations have off-board vapor recovery pump nozzles. During non-OVNR vehicle refueling, the nozzle is securely latched to the fill pipe and vapors are evacuated offboard. The flexible bellows and soft boot face together provide the tight seal connection between the spout and vehicle fill pipe as fuel passes into the vehicle tank. For those markets, it is not necessary to have the additional hardware for onboard vapor recovery (canister, purge valve, lines, filter, etc.).

New System

This new system cost reduces the NIRCOS system for non-ORVR markets. Since these markets have no requirement for the vehicle to adsorb the refueling vapors, the canister is sized for dirunal vapor load...