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Automatic Volume Adjuster Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236480D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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This article describes an invention for a system that monitors and controls the output of listening devices to prevent hearing damage from long term exposure.

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Automatic Volume Adjuster

Disclosed is an application to prevent hearing loss over an extended period of time, by allowing the users to periodically monitor and adjust inputs and outputs, based on continuous tracking.

The figure below illustrates a conference call, but the application is not limited to conference calls, as it can be used with other listening devices, such as cell phones, TVs, etc.

The application will use a monitoring device to periodically administer hearing tests on the user. These tests will compile and track data for each ear and provide personalized safety/listening volume recommendations to the user moving forward, in order to help prevent any hearing degradation before it occurs.

In addition, the application will use location information to gauge ambient noises, and the type of receiver being utilized from both speaker and listener ends.

Based on the type of listening device, the application provided safe volume range recommendations, and location information, the user will be able to determine the volume level at which he/she would like to listen. Regardless of the differing volume input levels provided by different speakers, the output volume for the listener will remain constant.


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