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Central recall/information hub

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236484D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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A method for providing a central recall/information hub is disclosed.

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Central recall/information hub

Disclosed is a method for providing a central recall/information hub.

Only a few products today have required warranty registration and or are completed upon purchase. It is often left to the purchaser to ensure that warranty cards, product registration, and customer information is completed accurately and maintained. The disclosed device as depicted in the figure below provides for a single point of contact by a visual indicator that would alert users in the area that a device that has been registered requires some type of action.


Today's environment is constantly evolving and developing new technologies. With these new technologies, when legal liability and manufacturing defect/issues are detected, it may be critical to alert and notify the end-user to ensure high-availability and safe usage of devices. Currently, today's methods are very cumbersome and highly ineffective.

Disclosed is a device that would act as a small hub of some form to simply manage an indicator that service information is available for a registered product. In an example embodiment, this product could work by utilizing some type of key that would be managed via a user interface. The user interface would allow the user to register a product or device, which then is connected to a framework or broker that is managed by the current government or controlling organization ensuring recalls, product, quality and service. As an example when a user purchases a...