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Method for algorithm based password authentication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236488D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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Method for users to set passwords as a combination of a choice of algorithm and alphanumeric passwords to increase security

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Method for algorithm based password authentication

Information is increasingly being stored in secure servers online. This information ranges from anything from emails to banking information. Businesses that manage sensitive consumer information are faced with the increasingly challenging task of being able to authenticate rightful owners of information. This authentication has no room for errors since that could have potentially disastrous results depending on the nature of the information.

The typical static alphanumeric password suffers from the problem that it can be used by anybody once it is exposed. The password could be stolen using various mechanisms, the most popular being through phishing sites or just accidental disclosure. Once this password is obtained, it can simply be used on the website as is. There are mechanisms such as identifying pictures with the password, so that the user can get warned of suspicious activity. However, the damage could be done by the time the rightful owner of the information accesses it. Some websites force user to change password periodically. Though this reduces the probability of passwords being stolen, it increases the load on the user to remember several passwords as the website will not allow to reuse passwords.

This article proposes a different approach to the traditional content of passwords. The idea is to have a combination of an algorithm and the traditional static alphanumeric phrase. The algorithm is somethin...