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Adaptive Pricing Based Upon Monitoring of Purchaser

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236489D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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A method for adaptive pricing based upon monitoring of purchaser is disclosed.

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Adaptive Pricing Based Upon Monitoring of Purchaser

Disclosed is a method for adaptive pricing based upon monitoring of purchaser.

While shopping at a store, customers often reference online prices for comparison. Usually, the price online is less than what the store offers it. Depending upon the price difference, the customer may decide to order online rather than buy an item from the store. The problem is how can the store effectively compete with online marketplaces and entice the customer to purchase from them rather than online. Retailers want a way to change the current trend that is reducing their sales.

Many stores provide free WiFi to customers. This free service could be used by the store to monitor customer searches for online prices and offer the customer a lower price or other incentive to purchase from the store. Incentives may include coupons, extended warrantee, longer payment terms, lay-a-way plan, reward points, etc. The store could also insert marketing material for other products or services.

The store's WIFI infrastructure provides a gateway to the internet. Users usually have to accept a terms and conditions agreement before they are able to access the store's network. With the user's permission, the gateway computers can intercept user's http requests to determine if the user is comparison shopping. The gateway computers can then interject additional information into the http response returned to the user, or may send the information via a browser popup....