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Depth Folder Search Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236490D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-29
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A method for depth folder searching is disclosed.

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Depth Folder Search

Disclosed is a method for depth folder searching.

Many dialog windows in software applications allow users to select and browse files in a directory based, hierarchical view. Classic examples are the "Save As" and "Open" dialogs found in many applications. These dialogs provide users with the option of having the dialog show only the files in the current directory which match a specified filter (e.g. only files of a specific extension, say, "*.odp" files). In such dialogs, a user's folders are displayed even if they do not contain any files which match the user's specified filter. This causes users to needlessly check empty and irrelevant folders, as they search for one or more specific files.

Consider a user trying to use the "File -> Save As" dialog. The user wants to save an open document, in a folder which contains many other files with the same extension as the open file. However, the folder is located very deep within the user's file system's hierarchy; additionally, most other folders on the user's system do not contain any other files with the same extension as the open file at all. The user is then presented with a view containing: (a) all the files in the currently selected directory, and (b) -all- directories which exist within the selected directory. The directories in part (b) are displayed even if they do not contain any files with the same extension as the open file at all, forcing the user to navigate through irrelevant folders to find the exact location of the correct folder.

Disclosed is a hierarchical based view taking a user's file filter, and greys out directories which do not contain any of the matching files (at any level in the folder hierarchy, in which "root" is considered to be the currently selected directory).

The user would still see the files described in (a). For (b), -only- folders which contain (at any level in the hierarchy) "*.odt" files are displayed and selectable. All folders not matching this criteria are greyed out, saving user headaches.

This greying out of folders applies to any level in the folder hierarchy; for example, if folder B contains matching files and is inside of folder A, and folder A contains no such matching files, then folder A...