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A method that extends toolbar/menu based on resource constraints Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236496D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-30

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The disclosure is to provide the technology to enhance the customization and extentability of toolbar/contextualMenu. Each toolbar/contextualMenu would be the resource provider. Each button/menu item in the toolbar/contextual menu would be resource consumer and(or) a resource provider. Each button/menu item can be configured with an action implemented as a busniness operation unit and can be configured to the toolbar/contextualMenu which can provide the resources the button/menu item require to consume. Since each button/menu item could be a resource provider, the toolbar/contextual menu would provide more resources once a button/menu item which can provide other resources than that toolbar/contextual menu can provide by themselves, so that the toolbra/contexutal menu can be configured with more buttons/menu items;