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A method that extends toolbar/menu based on resource constraints Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236496D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-30
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The disclosure is to provide the technology to enhance the customization and extentability of toolbar/contextualMenu. Each toolbar/contextualMenu would be the resource provider. Each button/menu item in the toolbar/contextual menu would be resource consumer and(or) a resource provider. Each button/menu item can be configured with an action implemented as a busniness operation unit and can be configured to the toolbar/contextualMenu which can provide the resources the button/menu item require to consume. Since each button/menu item could be a resource provider, the toolbar/contextual menu would provide more resources once a button/menu item which can provide other resources than that toolbar/contextual menu can provide by themselves, so that the toolbra/contexutal menu can be configured with more buttons/menu items;

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A method that extends toolbar

A method that extends toolbar/

Toolbar or menu is always available for some common functions for a page or window. In order to enhance the customization capability of these common functions, the interfaces to customize the toolbar or menu provided to end-users becomes popular.

For these existing arts, there are always the following methods to provide the customization capability.

1. The toolbars or menus are predefined and opened to end-users. End-users develop their functions and register the function implementation as a button or menu of these predefined toolbars or menus;

2. The common functions are predefined and registered and when end-users develop a new toolbar or new menu, they would choose some common functions from all existing common pre-defined functions. These common functions could not work for some scenarios and that would be judge at run time codes.

There are some drawbacks in the above arts.

a. when end-users develop a common function, end-users need to care about which predefined toolbars or menus can use it and end-users need to know the constrains from these toolbars and menus;

b. when end-users develop toolbars or menus, end-users need to know which pre-defined common functions can be used in the toolbars and menus;

c. a predefined common functions could be used widely, the above arts could limit it used narrowly;

d. when there are many predefined common functions to choose for a toolbar or menus, it could be hard to choose appropriate list available to a toolbar or menu.

e. There could be some constrains among these common functions. For example, only some of common functions are provided, the other common functions can work. There is no mechanism for that in existing arts;

In our disclosure, each small business operation unit is can be considered as an action. An action could consume some context resources and provide some context resources. The toolbar or menu would be considered as UI component or a part of UI component. UI component designer is responsible for designing and setting the UI component. An action could be registered with


//menu based on resource constraints

menu based on resource constraints

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its definition, which includes which context resources it consumes and which context resources it provides. UI component also would be registered with a definition, including the context resources provided by the toolbar and menu. At design time, UI component designer can utilize these definitions which actions should be available to show up in a toolbar or menu and customize the toolbar or menu accordingly. At runtime, these definitions also can be utilize to judge whether the buttons or menu items the actions represent can be enabled/visible or not. Meanwhile, once an action is set into a toolbar or menu, the context resources the action provides can also be considered as being provided by the toolbar, menu and the UI component where the action is set, so th...