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System and method for establishing concise and intelligent instant messaging interactions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236498D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-30
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This disclosure provides a method/system that have user to use only one chat window to interact with multiple persons simultaneously. User can use some simple commands to send messages to specific peer; switch between mix mode, which show all peers chat in the window, or single mode which only shows the chat between the user and the specific peer. This method/system avoids many confusions which caused by multiple chat windows/tabs, e.g messages are sent to wrong peer, hard to find a peer, etc.

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System and method for establishing concise and intelligent instant messaging interactions

Typically in an instant messaging system, when user chats with multiple different chat peers, the sending/receiving message happens in separated chat window, basically it's one-one mapping relationship, so user have many chat windows opening simultaneously on user's desktop, also user will have to switch chat window from one to another when user changes the chat peer, it's not convenient and sometimes user sends messages to wrong peer when responding very quickly to multiple persons at the same time.

Currently there is a popular solution to resolve multiple separated chat window which is tabbed window/chat, where only one window opening for multiple threads chat with different persons separated by tab button, by switching over among tabs user changes chat peer. There is still a drawback that user can not see all messages in one view.

This disclosure describes a set of methods to use one chat window only to interact with multiple persons simultaneously , which eliminates the switch-over among windows/tabs in multiple chats scenario and increases the efficiency especially on mobile devices.

In this design, only one chat window is used for multiple chats with different persons at the same time, all received messages from different people will be displayed in this chat window in time order, in other word, the chat content is mixed in same window, optionally we can classify the...