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[Automatically] adhering to the place cell phone practice etiquette Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236506D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-30
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adhering to the place cell phone practice etiquette

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Big number [and growing ...] of the cell-phones are equipped with wifi communication and, most of the phones have their wifi in constant polling mode, looking for [free] wifi connectivity. Many of the public places such as restaurant/theaters/stadiums etc. have WIFI modems and routers installed at least for their own use. The idea is formulate a protocol where by the dominant WIFI router on premises advises the visitors on site of the local rules to have their phones switch to airplane-mode/silence-mode. The cell-phone itself can be configured either to abide automatically to the host rules or, to choose whether to take his/her business elsewhere or whatever she prefers. There are various techniques in the field that deal with the same issue. Some uses the owner calendar to establish a mode-switch schedule. Other bases the decision on pre-configure GPS location to determine when the phone should be switched to the proper mode of operation. All those solutions are driven by the client knowledge base and might miss a called for change of mode when a new site is visited. This new disclosure gives the host the keys to send out an advisory notice for the guest to adhere to and, as such it doesn't leave the any holes existing with the prior art methods and systems.

The crux of the idea is to allow the routers' owners to name/tag their routers with names/tags that imply what their rules are. For instance one can call her router GOLDBERG_RESTAURANT_SILENCE_ZONE. The cell-phone polling wifi application doesn't even need to connect to the service provider (which might not give free connection ... ) yet, it can deduce automatically from the dominant servic...