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Method and system for writing confidential content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236508D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-30
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Disclosed are a method and system to enable confidential content functionality in a mobile device using pressure sensors in the device. When the user applies pressure to the device casing, the system assigns the appropriate level of confidentiality to the content being entered; the higher the pressure is, the higher the level of confidentiality is.

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Method and system for writing confidential content

Mobile device users write many types of content with the device, such as email, social network content, etc. Some of the contents are confidential and the degree of confidentiality varies from content to content. As per existing methods based on pattern identification (e.g., credit card number is 16 digits, password is policy-driven, etc.) confidential content can be identified. In some cases, however, while typing text, a user might want to add a degree of confidentiality on the content. One text might contain multiple confidential contents at different level of confidentiality, for example.

A method is needed that enables a user to easily define confidential content and the degree of confidentiality of the content while writing text using a mobile device.

The following description assumes that the user is holding the mobile device in one hand while typing with the other hand.

The novel contribution is a method and system to enable confidential content functionality in a mobile device. Once user applies more than a threshold-level of pressure with the holding hand, this functionality is enabled. When the user releases pressure, the functionality is disables. Any content written in that duration is confidential.

The degree of confidentiality is dependent on the pressure applied on the mobile phone frame. More pressure can mean a higher degree of confidentiality. The degree of confidentiality can be graphically displayed in mobile device.

To read the confidential content,...