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Publication Date: 2014-May-01

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An  electronic  event  organizer  can  be  used  to  facilitate  online  event  planning.  A  user  electronically plans an event by specifying a venue, location, date, and time and then uses the electronic  event organizer to send invitations to friends. Based on electronic invitation responses received by that  electronic event organizer at certain points in time, the electronic event organizer determines the number  of  people  expected  to  attend  the  event. Based  on  the  venue,  location,  date, and time information  entered  by  the  user,  the  electronic  event organizer  accesses  various  informative websites to  extract  relevant information and optionally “hold” or tentatively reserve the expected number of tickets or seats  at the venue or location at the specified date and time. Then, the electronic event organizer provides an  option to the user to proceed with reserving or purchasing the expected number of tickets or seats or  modifying the number of tickets or seats to be reserved. Based on the user’s instructions, the electronic  event organizer books or reserves the specified number of tickets or seats and charges the appropriate  attendees, which reduces the work performed by the user to plan an event.

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An electronic event organizer can be used to facilitate online event planning. A user

                                  electronically plans an event by specifying a venue, location, date, and time and then uses the electronic

                                          event organizer to send invitations to friends. Based on electronic invitation responses received by that

                                 electronic event organizer at certain points in time, the electronic event organizer determines the number

                                    of people expected to attend the event. Based on the venue, location, date, and time information

                                 entered by the user, the electronic event organizer accesses various informative websites to extract

                                relevant information and optionally "hold" or tentatively reserve the expected number of tickets or seats

                                   at the venue or location at the specified date and time. Then, the electronic event organizer provides an

                                     option to the user to proceed with reserving or purchasing the expected number of tickets or seats or

                                        modifying the number of tickets or seats to be reserved. Based on the user's instructions, the electronic

                                        event organizer books or reserves the specified number of tickets or seats and charges the appropriate

                                   attendees, which reduces the work performed by the user to plan an event.


Nowadays, there are many websites that allow users to electronically plan events. In a

                                       conventional scenario, online event planning provides a host of an event an opportunity to organize a

                                       specific event, to publicize it, and to get as many invitees as possible to attend the event. The

                                        conventional social networking sites display event information such as occasion, location, invitees, date,

                                 and time. 


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Presently, when a user electronically plans an event and invites friends, the user has to enter a lot

                                              of information to the event planning website and yet still has to search across different websites to

                                   organize a successful event at a reasonable cost. First, the user creates the online event planning website

                                       including selecting a venue, loca...