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Intelligent Documentation Assistant System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236575D
Publication Date: 2014-May-05

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This disclosure disclose a methodology to store, analyze and reorganize all information of documents, which users ever worked on, and present them directly with a more effective way when they need them.

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Intelligent Documentation Assistant System

During daily work in every industry, around 40% of employee's time is allocated in "documentation", including article, paper, technical document, PPT with text and picture, excel tables, emails and instant message chat, etc.

However, most of the time, employees are searching information or thinking about content to type into their "Document", for example:

When you are writing a solution design document and are mentioning the use case chapter, you usually need to open several documents which you received from business team, and maybe some PPTs which you received from the project manager, you may also need to search on the internet for some information about how to draw a use case, etc.

When you are writing an email to your executive and want to report to him some issues of your project, you probably need to draft a high level paragraph of summary, but before that, you may need to open several weekly status report of your project first, you may also write emails back and forth with your teammember, and chat with your oversea colleague via

instant messaging software



When you are assigned to write a project status report for a VP visit, I believe usually you will needto look into all the documents, PPT, chat history, search on internet, and even refer to some descriptions that you just finished in the above bullet 1 and bullet 2.

All of these searching, reading through old documents, thinking about the linkage among previous materials are tedious and time consuming, how to speed up the efficiency of documentation is a very difficult problem but worth well to resolve.

By analyzing the scenarios mentioned in the first section and also by analyzing our daily works, we can easily abstract the "documentation" process into a sentence that:

"Documentation" is a process to re-organize information you have in your mind, on your local computers, on the Internet, or from others.

So in this patent,

We will describe a system to link information you have in your mind, on your local computers, on the internet, or from others, with the current "document" you are editing.

We will also describe how this system can dynamically give end user some suggestion when he is editing the "document"

[Organize Information]

To organize information all over places, we will use a tool running on your local computers:

You can create an "activity" in the tool, name something related to what you will do in the next few minutes or few hours, for example,

1. ABC Project High level Design.


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2. ABC Project status report.

3. ABC Project defect fix.

4. etc.

Click a start button on the tool.

Then start your activity, such as 1. For example as in #1 above, you may start to open yourrequirement document, your technical discussion email with your Architect, your chat via

instant messaging software

last night with your India colleague.

2. For example as in #2 above, you may star...