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Method and System for Performing Energy Efficient Data Tiering Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236608D
Publication Date: 2014-May-06
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A method and system is disclosed for performing energy efficient data tiering.

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Method and System for Performing Energy Efficient Data Tiering

Disclosed is a method and system for performing energy efficient data tiering.

The method and system adds an additional layer to a traditional storage tier by adding tiers of Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD) to a drive. The tiers are added when the drive is either in a standby mode or not actively spinning except for scheduled

windows of access. The method and system then groups corresponding data when an access to the drive is expected. On some instances, the data is not required immediately when referenced, thereby retaining the data on a corresponding disk. During such instances, power usage is reduced significantly since the drive is only spinning during access windows. The data is then stored based on a time of access during a day and a day of access within a month.

Here, a subset of the DASD within a storage tier remains powered down for the majority of the time. The subset of the DASD is powered up based on several factors such as, but not limited to, utility rates during that time of a day, urgency of a requested data and scheduled windows when a disk is expected to be available. The data is then grouped on the disks for applications that run at certain times of a day, a week and a month.

In an exemplary scenario, a payroll application is executed on a specific date during a month. Here, an application data associated with the payroll application is not required at other times of the mont...