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A method and system to make voice transmitted into conference line clearly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236611D
Publication Date: 2014-May-06
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The disclosure discloses an approach to using free existing facilities and spread information with high efficiency, by connecting the mobile facilities to the IP phone and applying the speaker to transmit voice clearly.

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A method and system to make voice transmitted into conference line clearly

Teleconference is an important way of achieving real time information communication, and IP phone is a common type of telephone. After setting up teleconference, remote participants could also dial in, and at the meantime all the people in the conference room have to share one telephone. One of the major problems is generated owing to the reason that if the speaker was far from the phone receiver, voice transmitted into the conference would be unclear, which accordingly affects the quality of the conference.

Currently an IP phone is able to be connected to several microphones which are distributed in the conference room. However, due to the limitation that microphones need to be connected to lines and also the fact that if the conference room was too large , there wouldn't be enough microphones connected to IP phone.

In a conference, on account of the far distance between the speaker and his or her microphone, the signal of voice transmitted into telephone is rather weak. If adopting cell phones or mobile phones as auxiliary devices connected to telephones in order to set up LAN and real time information disseminating, and consequently the quality of connection is improved.

Applying this mode, we can use existing facilities conveniently, and spread information with high efficiency.



.. According to Telephone communication principles

According to Telephone communication principles:


a) when the speaker initiates a speech, the vocal cord vibrates that provokes air vibration, thus it forms sound waves. (b) The sound waves a...